User account must be assigned to a user group. Each group includes a list of roles granted to a user of that group.

User groups can be managed under "Administrator - Users - Groups".

The default group to be assigned to all new accounts may be set under "Administrator - Settings - Settings - Users - Default Group".

"Registered User" Group Roles.

The default "Registered User" group is assigned to all new accounts and has the "user_login" role enabled. This role allows a user to login via the user panel and manage their bookmarks, listings, messages, invoices and reviews.

"Administrator" Group Roles.

The "Administrator" group allows access to the administrator panel.

The following list includes all administrator menu items and user roles required to access that menu item:

"Dashboard" - the administrator panel dashboard. Requires the "admin_login" role.

"Add Listing Type" - a shortcut for the "Administrator - Settings - Listing Types - Add". The "admin_settings" role is required.

"Content" - includes all listing types management facilities and is accessible by the user with the "admin_content" role enabled. Below is the list of all sub-menu items that appear for each listing type:

Menu ItemRequired Role(s)Notes
Type Name Plural (e.g. 'Listings')admin_content + admin_listingsSearchable list of all type related listings.
Approveadmin_content + admin_listingsNew listings approval facility.
Approve Updatesadmin_content + admin_listingsUpdated listings approval facility.
Add Type Name Singular (e.g.: 'Add Listing')admin_content + admin_listingsAdd new listing.
Invoicesadmin_content + admin_listingsSearchable list of all type-related invoices.
Reviews admin_content + admin_reviewsListing reviews with comments and custom fields management.
Messagesadmin_content + admin_messagesListing related messages with replies and custom fields management.
Claimsadmin_content + admin_claimsListing claims management.
Categoriesadmin_content + admin_categoriesListing type categories management.
Productsadmin_content + admin_productsListing type products and pricings management.
Form Fieldsadmin_content + admin_listings + admin_fieldsListing type form fields.

"Users" - a user management facility available for users with the "admin_users" role.
Includes the following sub-items:

Menu ItemRequired Role(s)Notes
Usersadmin_usersA searchable list of all users registered.
Add Useradmin_usersAdd new user of any group.
Approveadmin_usersApprove new users of any group.
Groupsadmin_usersAdd new group, modify user roles for a group.
User Form Fieldsadmin_fieldsUser account form fields.

"Media" - includes all file uploads with an ability to preview and delete. Requires the "admin_files" role.

"Locations" - site-wide locations management system. The "admin_locations" role is required.

"Email" - includes email queue and template management facilities. Requires the "admin_emails" role.

"Appearance" - a website pages management facility. Requires the "admin_appearance" role. Includes the following sub-menu items:

Menu ItemNotes
PagesA list of all website pages you can manage using widget blocks.
MenusWidget menu groups and menu items manager.
FormsWidget form fields manager.

"Settings" - includes the following script configuration facilities for users with the "admin_settings" role enabled:

SettingsThe script configuration settings facility.
Listing TypesListing Types manager.
Payment GatewaysPayment gateways setup and configuration.
DiscountsDiscount codes available for listings.
Tax Rates Tax rates linked to the user location.
LanguagesUpdate existing script locale or add extra languages.
Upload TypesSite-wide file upload types.
Rating CategoriesListing review rating categories.
Scheduled TasksManage system scheduled tasks.

"Logout" - logs the user out of the administrator panel.