Some of the widgets include navigation menus that can be configured under "Administrator - Appearance - Menus".

Menu items have to be assigned to the menu group so that you can select the menu group to use for the widget.

Multi-level menus are supported but child menu items can be added to root menu items only .

Menu Item Options.

The menu item appears on the template if it is set as "Published".

Disabling the "Public" property for the menu item makes it available to the authenticated website visitors only.

You can set the menu item as a child for existing root items available in the "Parent Menu" dropdown.

Each menu item can have the link specified in the "Route" or the "External Link" fields. It is recommended to use the "Route" option for custom pages, e.g: "about". The "External Link" setting is suitable for an external website link, e.g.: "https://your-domain.tld/listings?page=2" There is no need to set route or external link for a root item that has child items.

Select the "New Window or Tab" option in the "Link Target" dropdown to open the menu link in a new browser tab.

Enable the "Do not Follow" option to instruct some search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link's target in the search engine's index.