Discount code is an alphanumeric case sensitive string that may be used by listing owners to receive a discount on their listing invoice payments.
It is possible to limit the code availability period and apply it to specific pricing levels.

Fixed and percentage discount types are supported.

If you want the discount code to be available for users that own an active listing of a definite pricing level, enable these levels in the "Required Products" field.

Discount codes can be managed under "Administrator - Settings - Discounts".

Discount Type.

You can set the discount type for the code. Fixed value discounts will deduct a fixed amount from the price. Percent discount will deduct a percent amount from the total.

One-time and Recurring Discounts.

The active discount code will be applied to all new billing cycle invoices generated for the listing if the "Recurring" option is enabled. Disable that option for the discount to affect the first billing cycle invoice only. You can use one-time discounts to offer free trial period.

User Limitations.

It is possible to limit the discount code usage for new users only (users without listings) with the "New Users Only" setting enabled.

To limit the number of users who can use this code, set the "Users Limit" setting to any positive number. "0" means no limitations.

The "Per-user Limit" setting controls the number of available discount code uses per user. "0" means no limitations.