phpListings is a versatile and powerful business directory software that is designed to help users create and manage a wide range of directory listings, including business directories, classifieds, properties, events, and more. The software comes fully equipped with all the necessary features and tools to make directory listings easily discoverable for visitors and completely manageable by listing owners via a secure client dashboard.

One of the key features of phpListings is its support for paid membership plans, which incentivizes clients to upgrade their listings and receive premium options. The software also offers automated invoicing and support for multiple payment gateways, making it easy for users to monetize their directory websites.

In addition, phpListings features a built-in widget-based theme editor that allows users to customize their directory website without the need for developer assistance. This feature ensures that users can create a unique and visually appealing directory website that meets their specific needs.

Another benefit of phpListings is its dedicated support service, which comes included with every license. This ensures that users receive assistance whenever they need it.

If you're looking to launch a directory website or improve an existing one, phpListings is an excellent choice.


Supported Listing Types

  • Business Listings
  • Events
  • Places
  • Classifieds
  • Deals and Offers
  • Blog
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Job Postings
  • Articles

Listing Basic Features

Multi-category Submission

Let your customers increase their listing visibility by offering them a membership plan with extra categories enabled.

Image and Document Uploads

Upload and edit your listing logo, gallery photo, or other document using the configurable drag-n-drop upload tool.

Editable Friendly URL / Slug

Use the auto-generated listing slug or create your own to optimize the directory listing URL for better SEO.

Custom Form Fields

Build a perfect listing submission form with fields linked to a specific category or membership plan.


Make your listing description styling more effective with custom text formatting, tables, lists, and links.

Editor AI Integration

Access ChatGPT for quick support and seamlessly integrate AI suggestions into your listing description.

Customizable Lead-gen Form

Optimize your lead generation form to collect the most relevant information from prospects.

Location and Maps

Specify the full listing address and geographic coordinates using a predefined list of searchable locations.

Ratings and Reviews

Turn your directory visitor content into sales by enabling reviews and multi-criteria ratings for listings.

Social Media Profiles

Enable social media links for listings to help them reach a wider audience and build a stronger online presence.

Listing Badges

Boost your listings with badges, assigned by admins or automatically based on the purchased product.

Recurring Events

Use the powerful event management facility that includes effective dates, frequency, and interval settings.

Offers & Coupon Listings

Set offer or coupon effective dates, percentage, or fixed discount value using the built-in offers listing type.

Listing Claiming

Authorize any website user to maintain the requested directory listing after successful ownership verification.

Bookmark and Social Share

Let your directory website visitors create a list of their favorites or share listings on a social network.

Opening Hours

Include operational hours with a listing for prospects to check if you're open for business at a certain time.

YouTube Videos

Reach more customers by completing your directory listing presentation with high-quality embedded YouTube videos.

SEO Meta Tags

Improve your SEO rankings and increase your listing visibility by providing effective meta tags for your submission.

Optional Backlink Requirement

Request listing owners of a specific listing product to place a backlink for inclusion in the directory.

Listing Statistics

Track daily listing search impressions, listing detailed page views, phone views, and website clicks.

Bulk Export & Import

Export or import your directory listing data including user accounts, categories, locations, and multi-choice field options.

Listing Form Builder

30+ Form Field Types

Build the most relevant submission form for listings by using more than 30 integrated form field types.

Multiple Configuration Options

Include unique label, default value, description, and placeholder text with each form field.

Custom Search Filters

Maximize your refine search form productivity by making your listing form fields searchable.

Field Visibility Control

Limit listing form fields to appear for the specific category, membership plan, or theme widget.

Flexible Validation Rules

Control the submitted form field value by applying single or multiple validation rules to a field.

Multi-choice Fields Support

Manage options for 'select', 'checkbox', 'radio' and 'multiple select' field types using the integrated options editor.

Media Uploads

Drag-n-drop File Uploads

Upload images, documents, or any other files for your listing using the built-in drag-n-drop upload facility.

Custom Upload Types

Control the allowed file format, size, MIME type, and extension for each file upload form field.

Manual Image Crop

Enable the 'Manual Crop' setting for the upload type to allow your clients to edit the uploaded image.

Lead Generation Form

Lead-gen Form Builder

Use the most relevant form fields to build a listing contact form suitable for the current listing category or membership plan.

On-site Inbox

Get your leads delivered straight to your control panel inbox to accelerate the message exchange with your prospects.

Email Notifications

React to your contact requests faster by receiving email notifications on a new message submission or reply.

Listing Search

Quick Search

Find listings by keyword, primary category, and location using the user-friendly quick search form.

Customizable Refine Filters

Narrow down quick search form results by applying custom search filters of the refine search facility.

Map Integration

Quickly locate listings using the search results map that features custom category marker color and icon.

Price Ranges

Filter listing search results using a range of options by enabling the Range Slider feature for any searchable numeric field.

Radius Search Support

Specify a radius value in the Refine Filters form to find listings within a certain radius from the selected location.

Sorting Results

Sort found listings alphabetically, by relevance, distance to a location, rating, submission date, or popularity.

Listing Reviews and Ratings

Review Form Builder

Collect the most relevant information for reviews by using review submission form fields that suit the listing category.

Multi-criteria Ratings

Capture more differentiated user opinions by enabling extra ratings for different aspects of the listing.

Review Comments

Let the listing owner reply to a review by submitting a review comment with an update or extra information.


Unlimited Category Levels

Add an unlimited number of child categories to a category of any level to build a relevant hierarchy.

Multiple Configuration Options

Complete any category with logo and header images, summary, description, icon, and map marker color.

Category-Membership Relation

Generate extra revenue by creating categories that are limited to a specific premium membership plan.

Editable Friendly URL / Slug

Enrich the auto-generated category slug with extra keywords to optimize the category URL for SEO.

SEO Meta Tags

Submit an effective category meta title and description to improve the category SEO visibility.

Bulk Categories Import

Quickly populate a large set of categories for the listing type using the bulk category import tool.


Unlimited Location Levels

Set listing location using the predefined list of countries, states, or cities your directory covers.

Multiple Configuration Options

Improve the location presentation with the location logo, background image, summary, and description.

Configurable Address Format

Modify the default international address format to suit your national postal addressing standards.

OpenStreetMap Integration

Set the exact listing geo-coordinates with a single click or quickly locate listings on the mobile-friendly map.

Editable Friendly URL / Slug

Alter your auto-generated location slug by adding extra keywords to optimize the location URL for SEO.

SEO Meta Tags

Do not miss a chance to improve your location page SEO rankings by submitting relevant location meta tags.

Bulk Locations Import

Quickly populate a big multi-level set of countries, states, or cities using the integrated bulk location import tool.

Control Panel

Basic Features

Secure Dashboard

Access the secure advertiser or administrator panel from anywhere using your email address and password.

User Groups and Permissions

Limit the website usage for members and administrators by assigning them to a group with specific permissions.

Password Reminder

Let your customers reset their password automatically using a confirmation link sent to their account email address.

Advertiser Control Panel

Complete Listing Management

Advertisers control all aspects of their submission including listing data, membership plan, and payments.

Multiple Listings per Account

Allow customers to use a single account to maintain multiple listings of different listing types.

One-click Social Login

Simplify user account registration by activating the integrated Facebook, Twitter, or Google social login module.

Account Balance

Refund the canceled plan leftovers to the account balance and use this money for future invoice payments.

Leads Management

Use your advertiser control panel inbox to receive inquiries and reply to contact requests from your prospects.


Save your favorite listings of any type to quickly access those via your advertiser control panel.

Review Replies

Monitor listing reviews left by website visitors and reply with a comment to start a discussion.

Payment History

Find the full membership payment history available in your control panel to track expenses.

Email Notifications

Keep your listing owners updated by emailing them with their listing status updates and invoice payment requests.

Administrator Control Panel

Unlimited Administrators

Use the default administrator account with all permissions enabled or create extra accounts with limited access.

Content Moderation

Enable manual approval of new user accounts, listing submissions and updates, reviews and messages.

Settings Manager

Control every aspect of your business directory website using multiple configuration options.


45+ Email Templates

Adjust email templates to personalize every email message sent to your directory website users.

Email Queue

Approve, resend or cancel email messages with ease using the email queue management facility.

Email Rate Limiting

Control the number of emails to be sent per minute not to exceed your mail server limit.

Multiple Email Transport

Configure your script to send email messages using the Sendmail binary or a remote SMTP server.

Automated Notifications

Automatically email listing owners their membership status updates and payment requests.


Membership Plans

Unlimited Plans

Offer your listing owners multiple membership plans with many configurable monetization options.

Flexible Monetization Options

Motivate users to upgrade by offering premium membership categories, form fields, and extra paid options.

Multiple Prices per Plan

Add multiple pricing levels per plan for the client to select a suitable combo of a billing cycle duration and price.

Membership Upgrades

Limit the list of pricing levels users can access when upgrading their current membership plan.

Membership Cancellation

Let your listing owners cancel their membership plan and use the remaining funds for future payments.

Link Plan to a Category or Field

Expand your monetization opportunities by enabling specific categories and fields for each membership plan.

Pricing Levels

Unlimited Levels per Plan

Create multiple pricing levels per plan to let users choose the most suitable billing period duration and price.

Flexible Billing Cycle Settings

Specify billing cycle price and duration in days, months, or years for each pricing level.

Advanced Usage Control

Limit the number of pricing level subscriptions per account and/or the total number of allowed plan subscribers.


Fully Automated Invoicing

Enjoy the automated facility that manages billing cycle invoices, sends payment requests and notifications.

Transaction Log

Track all payment attempts data for an invoice including payment status, used payment gateway, currency, and amount.

Payment Reminders

Automatically notify your listing owners about an upcoming invoice payment or an invoice status update.

Tax Management

Multi-level Tax Rates

Create a custom combination of any local and/or international tax rates to be applied to each invoice.

Inclusive, Exclusive & Compound Rates

Add the tax amount to the invoice total using the exclusive tax type or subtract from the total with the inclusive type.

Location-related Tax Rates

Combine country-wide tax rates with local rates that are linked to a specific region and/or city.

Membership Plan Discount Codes

One-time or Recurring Discounts

Set the discount code to affect the first billing cycle invoice only or all invoices of the current subscription.

Fixed or Percentage Discount Value

Configure the discount to deduct a fixed discount value or a percentage value from the plan price.

Flexible Usage Control

Set discount effective dates, limit to specific plans, and control the maximum number of active users.

Supported Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • Stripe
  • Mollie
  • Offline / Wire Transfer
  • 50+ Available By Request

Theme & Widgets

Widget-based Page Builder

Build and style your website pages using the integrated drag-n-drop page editor. No coding skills are required.

30+ Widgets

Use any combination of more than 30 integrated widget blocks to create and modify your directory website pages.

Configurable Widget Options

Alter widget's multiple configuration options to control its appearance and behavior on the page.

Custom Content Widget

Use the advanced WYSIWYG editor to build rich-text widget blocks with links, images, and videos.

Widget Visibility Control

Control who sees each widget. Decide whether it's for all users, logged-in users, or those with specific product orders.

Dropdown Menu Builder

Customize any navigation menu of your website with the help of an easy-to-use dropdown menu builder.

Configurable Content Sliders

Turn widgets with multiple items into mobile-friendly and highly customizable slider blocks.

Bootstrap Framework

phpListings is based on Bootstrap and supports the latest, stable releases of all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Font Awesome Integration

Choose an icon for a category, field, or widget block content from a huge collection of free icons.

Mobile-friendly Layout

Get an excellent user experience when accessing your directory website using any mobile device.

Google AdSense Ready

Use the Banner Ad widget to integrate the HTML or JavaScript banner code to almost any part of your website.

Languages & Localization

Multi-language Support

phpListings supports multiple content and interface language translations per single installation.

Multi-language Website Interface

Adapt your website interface to support multiple languages by translating phrases that are stored in language files.

Translatable Content

Localize your website content by providing multiple translations for categories, locations, fields, and widgets.

Full RTL Languages Support

Expand your user base by supporting right-to-left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Date and Currency Localization

Provide the localized date, time, number, and currency format for each supported language.

Browser Locale Auto-detection

Configure the script to detect visitor browser locale preferences to enable the appropriate language automatically.

Miles & Kilometers Support

Easily set up the Listing Search widget to use miles or kilometers for the radius search facility.


Sitewide Meta Tags Management

Override the default meta settings for the page with specific meta tags of the category, location, or listing.

Schema.Org Ready

Improve your individual listing pages' SEO rating with the integrated Structured Data Markup.

Google Analytics Integration

Measure your advertising ROI and track your directory website by connecting to the Google Analytics service.

Automated Sitemap Generator

Keep search engines automatically updated on recent website content submissions and modifications.

Robots.txt Editor

Optimize search engine directives seamlessly with our built-in robots.txt editor in the administrator panel.

Broken Link Checker

Automatically scans and reports broken listing website links for improved website performance and SEO health.

SEO-optimized HTML Code

A high-quality and well-structured HTML source code improves your directory website performance and SEO.

Security & SPAM Protection

SSL Encryption Support

Activate your website SSL certificate to secure a connection between your server and a client browser.

Google reCaptcha Integration

Apply for free reCaptcha API keys for your domain name to prevent spam bots from filling out your website forms.

Email Address Verification

Enable your script to send an email verification link as a security measure on a new account submission.

Upload Limits per User or IP

Control the maximum number and size of all uploaded files per account or all accounts that share the same IP.

Banned Words List

Restrict the submission of offensive words by applying the 'Banned Words' validation rule to any text form field.

IP Address Blocking

Deny your directory website advertiser and admin control panel access for an IP or a range of IP addresses.

Customizable Admin Directory

Change the default path for accessing your website's admin panel to enhance security.

Maintenance Mode

Pause website access for updates or improvements. Visitors will see a temporary maintenance message.

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