Quick Overview.

phpListings is a self-hosted software that requires the user to install and run it on their own server or hosting account. This type of software provides users with more control over their data and the ability to customize the software to meet their specific needs. The server requirements for running phpListings are listed below:

  • Linux, Unix, macOS X, or Windows.
  • Apache 2.4+
  • PHP 8.1, 8.2
  • IonCube Loaders
  • MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.1+.

Supported Operating Systems.

phpListings is designed to run on a variety of operating systems including Linux, Unix, macOS X, and Windows.

Linux is considered the best option because it is an open-source operating system that is specifically designed for web development. It offers a stable and secure environment for running web servers and PHP scripts, and is also highly customizable and flexible. Additionally, Linux is widely supported by web hosting providers and has a large and active developer community.

Apache Webserver.

Apache is the most commonly used web server software on hosting services due to its flexibility, reliability, and open-source nature. It is compatible with various operating systems and supports multiple programming languages, making it an excellent option for hosting dynamic websites that use PHP scripts.

To run phpListings on Apache, the mod_rewrite module must be enabled. This module is responsible for URL rewriting, which is essential for phpListings' SEO and clean URL structure.


PHP Language Interpreter.

PHP is a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages and web applications. It is open-source and compatible with multiple web server software. As a web-based directory software, phpListings relies heavily on PHP to process and generate web pages dynamically.

PHP 8.2 is the preferred option for phpListings due to its enhanced performance and new features. However, the software is also compatible with PHP 8.1, an older version of the language.

The software requires several PHP extensions to function correctly, including Curl, Exif, Fileinfo, GD, Mbstring, PDO (MySQL), OpenSSL, and XML. These extensions provide additional functionality to PHP and enable phpListings to perform tasks such as connecting to databases, handling file uploads, processing images, and sending HTTP requests. It is essential to ensure that these extensions are installed and enabled when setting up a server for phpListings.

IonCube Loaders.

phpListings software includes some script files encoded with IonCube. IonCube encoder is a popular software used to protect and encrypt PHP scripts. It works by transforming PHP scripts into a compiled, machine-readable format that is difficult to reverse-engineer, making it an effective way to protect intellectual property.

IonCube loaders are software components that enable PHP to run IonCube-encoded scripts by decrypting and interpreting the code. These loaders are widely used and available on all popular hosting platforms.

If you are running phpListings using PHP 8.1, make sure you have IonCube Loaders version 12 installed. PHP 8.2 version of the software requires IonCube Loaders version 13 or newer.

Database Server.

MySQL is a popular and reliable open-source database management system that is widely used in the web development industry, especially with PHP. MySQL is an ideal choice for web applications like phpListings because of its high performance, scalability, and security.

phpListings supports MySQL 5.7 or newer. MySQL 8 is the best option.

MariaDB is also supported. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, offering similar functionality and compatibility with existing MySQL applications, while also adding new features and enhancements. The minimum supported version is 10.1.