If a listing added or modified via administrator panel has the "Claimed" field disabled it becomes available for claiming which means any registered directory user is allowed to take control of the listing by submitting a claim request. The "Claim" listing button appears on the detailed listing page and leads to the listing claim form widget.

Each claim request must be approved or rejected by the administrator.

A claim request form includes a message to the administrator and the pricing level user have to select for the listing they want to claim.

Listing type pricing level must have the "Used for Claiming" setting enabled to appear in the list of products available for claiming.

On the claim approval the listing owner is changed and the listing appears in the user account panel. A new listing invoice for the selected pricing level is created.

If a listing is added via the user account panel it is flagged as "Claimed" and can not be claimed by any other user.

Duplicate claim requests by the same user are not allowed.

An email notification is sent on a new claim request submission and claim status update.