Event is a special listing type used to store one-time or recurring event listings.

This type introduces the following system fields:

Event Start Date - the date and time when event starts.

Frequency - event frequency, includes the following options:

  •     Once
  •     Daily
  •     Weekly
  •     Monthly
  •     Yearly
  •     Custom

For Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly frequencies a recurrence "Interval" can be specified.

"Weekdays" field appears For "Weekly" frequency and allows you to set the exact weekdays for the event.

"Monthly" frequency includes "Weeks" field along with "Weekdays". Use "Weeks" to specify week numbers of the month.

Use Custom frequency to manually specify all event dates.

Event End Date - indicates the end date and time for the event.


For recurring events a listing duplicate for each event date is automatically populated.

You can search events by the exact date or a date range.

A complete list of all event dates and a highlighted upcoming date appears on the listing detailed page.

The number of maximum allowed recurring event dates is managed via listing type product.