Scheduled Tasks is a component that provides the ability to periodically run time and resource-consuming jobs which have been scheduled to execute at certain intervals.

Tasks List.

There are 8 scheduled tasks available in phpListings:

NameInterval (minutes)Description
everyminute1Runs postponed order and pricing synchronization for listings, activates pending and suspended orders on invoice status update, cleans up listing types marked for removal.
hourly60Removes expired database cache records.
daily1 dayRemoves emails sent more than a month ago.
mail1Performs scheduled email delivery. The number of emails sent per minute can be configured under "Administrator - Setting - Settings - Email - Queue Rate"
counters80Re-calculates the number of listings per category with latest updates.
orders70Generates new invoices for expiring orders, renews or suspends expired orders.
invoices90Sends unpaid invoice notifications.
statistics1 dayCompiles daily site usage statistics.


Failed Tasks Notification.

If the task is unable to finish its work due to the server error it is flagged as "Locked" and is no longer scheduled for execution. A "Failed Tasks" notification appears on the administrator dashboard. You can "Unlock" the task under "Administrator - Settings - Scheduled Tasks" once the error is fixed.