The Scheduled Tasks component within the phpListings software enables the execution of time and resource-consuming jobs at specified intervals. These tasks operate in the background, ensuring that they do not impact the visitor's experience while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Tasks List.

There are 13 scheduled tasks available in phpListings:

everyminute (runs every minute) - synchronizes updated listing orders and pricing plans, activates pending and suspended orders upon invoice status update, cleans up listing types flagged for removal.

hourly (runs every hour) - removes expired database cache records.

daily (runs every 24 hours) - purges password reminders generated more than 24 hours ago, removes archived email messages sent more than 30 days ago and removes raw statistics collected more than 7 days ago.

mail (runs every minute) - performs scheduled email delivery. The number of emails sent per minute is configurable under "Administrator - Setting - Settings - Email - Queue Rate"

counters (runs every 80 minutes) - recalculates the number of listings per category for all listing types.

orders (runs every 70 minutes) - generates new invoices for expiring orders, renews or suspends expired orders.

invoices (runs every 90 minutes) - sends unpaid invoice notifications.

statistics (runs every 24 hours) - compiles daily website usage statistics, including detailed page visits for each listing, listing search result impressions, listing website clicks, listing phone views, category search page impressions, and location search page impressions.

export (runs every 5 minutes) - executes queued export processes initiated by the administrator.

import (runs every 5 minutes) - executes queued import processes initiated by the administrator.

sitemap (runs every 24 hours) - rebuilds the global website sitemap, including all listing type pages, custom pages, listing detailed pages, category and location search results pages, and the robots.txt file.

deadlinkchecker (runs every minute) - activates the broken link checker tool that performs periodic checks of listing websites availability. A configurable number of websites is checked per execution.

backlinkchecker (runs every minute) - performs periodic checks and notifies the listing owner and the website administrator of incorrect and missing backlinks.


Failed Tasks Notification.

If a task encounters a server error and cannot complete its work, it is marked as "Locked" and removed from the scheduled execution list. Administrators will receive a "Failed Tasks" notification on their dashboard, alerting them to the issue. To address this, administrators can navigate to "Administrator - Settings - Scheduled Tasks" and unlock the task once the error is resolved, allowing it to resume execution as scheduled.