All front-end pages are built using widgets - configurable template blocks.

It is possible to add new widgets, alter any widget configuration and change widgets order for any page under "Administrator - Appearance - Pages".

Each page includes a configurable set of meta title, keywords and description. If the listing, category or location meta data is not empty it is used instead of the default page data.

Widgets on the page can be temporarily disabled with a single click.

Predefined System Pages.

phpListings has a set of predefined pages created during the installation process.

These pages include the minimal set of widgets required for the script to function properly. We do not recommend to disable or remove those widgets.

Note! All account related pages must include the "Data Wrapper" widget.

Page NameAccount RelatedNotes
404 Not Found-A default 404 error page implementation.
405 Method Not Allowed-A default 405 error page implementation.
Contact Us- 
Account Dashboard+ 
Sign In+ 
Sign Up+ 
Password Reminder+Password reset request page.
Password Reset+Password reset confirmation page.
Account Verification+An account email verification page.
Edit Profile+ 
Messages+A list of all messages for the account.
Message+A single message and message replies management page.
Reviews+A list of all user reviews.
Review+A single review and review comments management page.
Claims+A list of all account listing claims.
Invoice+Invoice details page.
Manage Listings+ 
Add Listing+ 
Update Listing+ 
Listing Summary+ 
Listing Reviews+A page that includes a list of reviews for the listing that belongs to the account.
Checkout (account/checkout)+The initial checkout page that includes the gateway selection.
Checkout (account/checkout/gateway)+The on-site gateway related checkout page.


Listing Type Pages.

Every time you add a new listing type a set of type related pages is created. Each page includes a predefined set of widgets you can easily modify.

All these pages are type related which means the listing type data is passed to all widgets of the page. Same behavior applies to the listing, category and location related pages.

Page TitlePage SlugType RelatedListing RelatedCategory RelatedLocation RelatedNotes
{type_plural}type/index+---Listing type index page.
Search {type_plural}type/search+---A search results page that appears if no category or location is specified for the search.
{category}type/category+-+-A search results page for the category if no location is specified.
{location}type/location+--+A search results page for the location if no category is specified.
{category} in {location}type/category/location+-++A search results page for a category/location pair. {category} and {location} patterns are replaced with actual category and location names.
{listing}type/listing++++A listing detailed page. The {listing} pattern in the page title is replaced with the actual listing title.
Send Messagetype/listing/send-message++++A listing related "Send Message" page.
Listing Reviewstype/listing/reviews++++A page with a list of all listing reviews.
Add Listing Reviewtype/listing/add-review++++Add listing review page.
Claim Your Listingtype/listing/claim++++Claim listing page.
Plans & Pricingtype/pricing+---A type related product comparison page.

All listing related pages may include the following patterns in the title and meta tags:

{type_singular} - a singular representation of the listing type name.
{type_plural} - a plural representation of the listing type name.
{listing} - listing title.
{category} - listing category.
{location} - listing location.


Custom Pages.

You can create new pages under "Administrator - Appearance - Pages - Add Page".

Make sure not to use "admin", "account" or "cron" words for your custom page slug.

The minumum set of widgets is added to the new page automatically.

To update the page content you have to alter the "Custom" widget that includes a heading and a paragraph.