phpListings introduces widget based template system and comes with a set of pre-built widgets.


Widgets List.

Widgets are configurable template blocks you can use to create pages.

Some of the widgets share settings data. Updating such widget settings will affect all widget instances of the same type on all pages.

It is possible to use multiple widgets of the same type on one page. These widgets are flagged as "Multiple Instances Per Page" in the following table.

Widget NameMultiple Instances Per PageShared SettingsNotes
Header-+Page header widget.
Footer-+Page footer widget.
Custom+-Custom page widget. Includes a heading text and a paragraph.
Search Box--A listing type related listing search widget. Includes default quick search form for the configured listing type and a navigable list of all listing types available.
Search Bar+-A simplified version of the Search Box widget. Includes default quick search form.
Map+-Outputs a map with all listings of the type available as markers. Each marker includes a popup with a detailed listing information and a link to a listing page.
3-column Teaser+-A generic widget that includes three configurable columns of text information with an icon and a heading.
Categories+-Outputs all or selected listing type categories as a static list or slider.
Listings+-Outputs a collection of all or selected listings (featured, popular, new, top rated or random).
Newsletter Subscribe++A generic call to action widget. May include newsletter subscription html or javascript code.
Locations+-A type related widget that outputs a list of all or selected locations. May include location logo and short description. It is possible to show only featured locations or sub-locations of a definite location.
Create Account Teaser++Another call to action widget. Includes a heading, a paragraph and a button that leads to the account sign up form.
Pricing+-A type related listing products comparison widget. May include product features and a list of all custom fields available.
Contact Form--A contact form widget that sends an email inquiry to the website owner.
Account Header++An account related widget that includes current user name and a background image.
Listing Search Results--A listing type related widget that outputs all listings with a refine search form.
Listing Search Results Header--A "Listing Search Results" accompanying widget. Includes current category or location title, short description and heading image with a clickable list of all child categories or locations.
Listing Gallery Slider+-Suitable for listing related pages only. Outputs current listing gallery images in the form of slider.
Listing--A listing page widget, outputs detailed information of the listing related to the current page.
Listing Header--A listing related widget. Outputs a listing header that includes title, category breadcrumb, address and some listing navigation buttons.
Listing Reviews+-A listing related widget that outputs all listing reviews.
Listing Send Message Form--Outputs a listing related send message form.
Listing Add Review Form--A review submission form that is related to a listing.
Listing Claim Form--A listing related claim form.
Image+-Outputs an uploaded image on any page.
Slider+-A multi-image slider widget.
Banner+-A generic banner ad widget used to display up to 4 ads per block. Accepts HTML and JavaScript code. Compatible with Google Adsense.
404++A "404 - Not Found" error page widget. Includes a heading and a paragraph.
405++A "405 - Method Not Allowed" error page widget.
Data Wrapper--A system widget used for account pages.


Widget Types.

Some of the widgets are created to be related to a listing type, listing, category or location and will not appear on pages that do not have that relation established. You can find the list of available relations for all listing type pages here.

It is possible to place a type related widget to a page that does not include listing type data, just set the default listing type to use for the widget. For example you can place the "Categories" widget to a "Contact Us" page by setting the default listing type to use for that widget. The same applies to a situation when you want to place "Categories" widget of a different type to a type related page.

The following table includes a complete list of all widgets and supported relations. For example, you can use the "Banner" widget on any page as it does not require any relations but the "Listing Gallery Slider" widget will appear on listing related pages only as it requires a related listing to show the gallery images slider for.

Widget NameType RelatedListing RelatedCategory RelatedLocation Related
Search Box+---
Search Bar+---
3-column Teaser----
Newsletter Subscribe----
Create Account Teaser----
Contact Form----
Account Header----
Listing Search Results+-++
Listing Search Results Header+-++
Listing Gallery Slider-+--
Listing Header-+--
Listing Reviews-+--
Listing Send Message Form-+--
Listing Add Review Form-+--
Listing Claim Form-+--
Data Wrapper----