Introducing Listing Badges

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Introducing Listing Badges
by Nicholas
2 months ago


Support Dept.

Enhance user interaction and streamline information on your business directory website with the introduction of the Listing Badges feature. These badges, serving as graphic symbols or markers, provide users with a quick and engaging way to identify specific attributes associated with each listing. Listing badges are displayed on the detailed listing page and may be assigned manually or automatically based on the associated listing product.

Uploading Listing Badges.

The default installation does not include any badges, so you'll need to upload them manually for each listing type. Access the administrator dashboard and navigate to the desired listing type under Content > Your Listing Type Name. From there, locate the 'Badges' sub-menu and click the 'Add Badges' button to upload a new badge.

Note that you can use the default badge set we created for your convenience. The set is located in your installation package's /public/css/default/images/badges directory.

Manual Badge Assignment.

Once your listing type badges are uploaded, you can manually assign them to listings of the corresponding type. A new form field will appear on the listing management page of the administrator panel for this purpose.

Automatic Badge Assignment.

Listing badges can also be automatically assigned based on a listing's subscription to a specific listing product. The administrator can assign existing listing type badges to a listing product on the listing product management page.

When a listing subscribes to a product associated with particular badges, those badges are automatically added to a listing. Removal of these badges occurs automatically when the subscription is terminated or when the listing switches to a different product with a different set of assigned badges.

If an administrator manually removes a badge that was originally assigned by a listing product and subsequently reassigns it during the listing subscription, the badge will not be automatically removed upon subscription cancellation or a product change. Similarly, if a badge was manually assigned to a listing and later the same badge is added by a product, it will persist through subscription cancellation or a product change.

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