Adding Extra Themes / Templates 1.0.6+

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Adding Extra Themes / Templates 1.0.6+
by Support Dept.
10 months ago

Support Dept.


Please, perform the following steps to add a new theme for phpListings 1.0.6:

Note: The template name must include only lowercase English letters.

1. Create a new directory, e.g.: 'newtemplate' in the /app/Views folder, and copy the contents of the /app/Views/default directory to that new folder.

2. Create a new theme class in the /app/Themes directory, e.g. /app/Themes/NewtemplateTheme.php using the contents of the /app/Themes/DefaultTheme.php script. Make sure to update the name of the class in that new script from

class DefaultTheme


class NewtemplateTheme

Note that you must use the new theme directory name as the file name and class name, but with the Theme suffix. Also note that the first letter must be capitalized for both.

3. When logged in as admin, visit the following URL: (replace the value in this example with your directory installation domain/directory)

to create a new theme record in the database.

On the theme submission form set the 'Slug' field value to 'newtemplate' - the same name you used for the new theme directory.

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