Pre purchase question.

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Pre purchase question.
by martina
10 days ago


License Owner
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Hi, we want a listing type and category for business listings and a listing type for coupons and deals these businesses offer. Is it possible to have these listings link to each other? When you visit a company listing you get a list of coupons and deals linked to that company. Can we sort listings by opening hours?

Re: Pre purchase question.
by Support Dept.
10 days ago

Support Dept.

Last Seen: 4 hours ago

Hello and welcome to the community!

It is possible to set multiple parent types for each listing type. You can configure the business listing type to be a parent for the coupons type. This way user can select the appropriate business listing for each coupon and all associated coupons will appear on the business listing page.

Sorting by opening hours is not possible but you can see current listing status on the search results page and on the listing detailed page.


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