phpListings 1.0.8 has been released!

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phpListings 1.0.8 has been released!
by Nicholas
3 months ago


Support Dept.

phpListings 1.0.8 new release

Good news! phpListings 1.0.8 is finally available! Please find the updated package in your client panel.

Top new features:

- Full PHP 8.2 support. Requires IonCube Loader v13.

- Listing Badges: Admin-assigned or auto-assigned based on the purchased listing product.

- Enhanced accessibility options and SEO improvements.

- No more image file format conversion: Users can now upload PNG, WEBP, and GIF images, preserving their original formats and transparency.

- QR Code Integration: Easily access the listing page URL on any mobile device by scanning the QR code located on the listing summary page. Additionally, listing owners can freely distribute this QR code to attract more visitors to their listing.

- "Do-Follow" Listing Website Link Product Option: Encourage premium listing product purchases by offering enhanced SEO benefits.

- Discounts Revamped: Set and apply discount codes directly on the invoice payment page, offering greater flexibility compared to the previous listing page setup.

The upgrade guide with a complete list of new features, updates, and bug fixes is available in the client forum.

Thank you.

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