Important update for phpListings clients.

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Important update for phpListings clients.
by Support Dept.
6 months ago

Support Dept.


Dear friends,

it has been more than three weeks since the invasion of Ukraine began. Russia still does not lose hope to seize our Motherland and continues to build up its forces in an attempt to destroy our faith in a European future. I can say with confidence that Ukrainians do not tolerate such an attitude and heroically resist the occupiers. All forces are thrown into defense, strengthening the army and protecting the civilian population. The people of the whole country rallied together in the name of victory over the aggressor.

The phpListings team did not stand aside and since the second week of the war has been actively involved in volunteer activities. We deliver groceries to those in need within the region, those who haven't left the country to seek asylim, we transport the elderly and children through the ruined streets to reunite their families. We are doing our best in the face of shortage of food and gasoline.

For a couple of weeks there were interruptions in the supply of electricity and communications, we could not support our customers in the usual mode. At the moment, the situation has improved slightly and we are starting to restore our normal workflow, although nothing can be guaranteed yet.

We really want to thank you, those who support us morally, offer financial assistance and shelter. We all thank you and pray that you and your families will never be touched by the horror of war!

We will definitely hold out and very soon liberate our land from the Russian enemy!

-- Olga Fox, phpListings Support Dept.

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